Wikipedia and Magic

The majority of magic related Wikipedia articles are really bad.  For a start, try looking up some of the masters-

Dai VernonRoy WaltonAlex ElmsleyEd Marlo

They’re badly formatted and contain niggling inaccuracies. The Vernon one isn’t too bad but most of the information seems to be taken straight from the David Ben book (which is excellent by the way). The Roy Walton article seems to be a list of all of his tricks and the Elmsley and Marlo one’s are too short. New magicians reading these won’t get an accurate idea of what these men actually did for card magic.

Looking through some other articles I found explanations of the side steal and the classic pass! Both in an article on sleight of hand and both completely unnecessary. The side steal one even has a photo! In another article there’s even some descriptions of palms. The card manipulation article is just shit.

Solution? The badly explained techniques should be removed (the alternative is to make them better which would be a lot worse) and the biographical articles should be expanded and improved upon so people can find out how why these men are considered the masters.