Big Plunger

A larger scale version of a trick based on ideas by Jon Armstrong, Matthew Bich and Marv Long.


The miniature version of the plunger is a very comical prop with lots of scope for personalised routines –



Saturday Sessions – The Magick Lounge

A new video feature which Russell Hall, owner of The Lounge has started filming recently. Videos of tricks performed by people who are in the lounge on that particular Saturday session- I think this is a great idea as you get to see behind the scenes so to speak of the UKs best brick and mortar magic shop. The shop is usually jam packed with talented magicians and it’s great to see them perform.

I’ve posted a few video links to the most recent ones and will continue to do so as they come up (there may even be one of me at some point which is quite daunting). Anyway – here is the latest one – Tom Hudson (aka. Afro Magic) performing the Ninja Rings. Tom is a fantastic magician who I’ve literally seen grow from a begineer into a working pro and I know he’s got a great deal of performing experience behind him. Seeing him do this live is even better than on the video – the rings link with almost no sideways movement of the hand holding the lead ring – it’s amazing.

Oh and check out this one of AfroMagic performing in quite possibly the worst conditions you can imagine for a magician –

Steve Brownley's Ultimatum Deck

I’ve mentioned Steve before in other posts and this Blackpool convention saw the unveiling of his “Ultimatum Deck”. Steve has improved an old method to create something which allows you to do some very clean card at any number routines. Steve has created 2 great routines – in the first routine “Three Choice Cuts” three spectators fairly select cards which are returned to the pack which is tabled. A spectator cuts the pack into three piles – the spectator turns over the top card of each pile to reveal each selected card.

In the second routine “Luck and Intuition” one selection is found at any number named for by the spectator who chose the card – they count the cards themselves. The second selection is found when the spectator tosses the first selection face up as the pack is dribbled on the table – the spectator checks and finds they have thrown their card next to the other spectators selection!

As well as allowing you to find a card at any number named by the spectator you can also do this with two selections and two different numbers – the spectator counts each time!

Available from The Magick Lounge.

Here is a recent video of the end of Steve performing a card at any number –


Final session…for a while.

Yesterday I visited The Magick Lounge in Sheffield, but sadly won’t be visiting again for a few months – needless to say I made the most of it and had a great time “post lounge” with my friends Vincent O’Brien, Chris Clarke and the legendary Ian Hallsworth.

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At the end of this month I shall be away until February so two friends have volunteered to step in and post some thoughts and ideas etc.  I’ll still be adding the occasional post but won’t have regular access to the internet. I’ll leave you in their very capable hands….

Roger Curzon's Miracle Card to Envelope

Firstly I must apologise for the lack of posts recently, I have no excuse.  Consider this post a sneak peak into the card wizardry of Roger Curzon, a Sheffield Cardician of exceptional skill. Those of you who have visited The Magick Lounge in Sheffield will almost certainly have seen Roger perform at the weekly Saturday gathering of magicians.

Roger has contributed to numerous magazines (Stephen Tucker’s Spellbinder and Steve Hamilton’s Profile Magazine) and written several books and booklets on card magic and more recently on mentalism (Sublimations and Theomancy).

The routine below is one of my favourites and uses an incredibly clever method which Roger orignally published in Profile Magazine. This has more recently been ripped off by David Regal, who conveniently duplicated the method after it was shown to him by a friend of Rogers.

The illusion of the card being removed from the envelope is perfect. The trick is a stunner and I’ve never seen is performed with out the audience bursting into applause afterwards.

Thank you Roger.

For those of you who want to buy the booklet (containing several routines) – it’s available direct from the Magick Lounge in Sheffield