Saturday Sessions – The Magick Lounge

A new video feature which Russell Hall, owner of The Lounge has started filming recently. Videos of tricks performed by people who are in the lounge on that particular Saturday session- I think this is a great idea as you get to see behind the scenes so to speak of the UKs best brick and…

Adam Bell – Kingdom Come

Another video from the Magick Lounge – keep em coming! This time it’s master of the pass Adam Bell.

Steve Brownley's Ultimatum Deck

I’ve mentioned Steve before in other posts and this Blackpool convention saw the unveiling of his “Ultimatum Deck”. Steve has improved an old method to create something which allows you to do some very clean card at any number routines. Steve has created 2 great routines – in the first routine “Three Choice Cuts” three…

Coin magic!?

My friend Chris Clarke performing an impossible coin through table at the Magick Lounge in Sheffield!

Videos at the Magick Lounge, Sheffield

Found some great short clips from the likes of Roger Curzon, Ian Hallsworth and Chris Clarke shot on location at Englands best magic shop! Click here for all of them News and contact info for the Magick Lounge are on the link bar.      

Final session…for a while.

Yesterday I visited The Magick Lounge in Sheffield, but sadly won’t be visiting again for a few months – needless to say I made the most of it and had a great time “post lounge” with my friends Vincent O’Brien, Chris Clarke and the legendary Ian Hallsworth. At the end of this month I shall be away…

Roger Curzon's Miracle Card to Envelope

Firstly I must apologise for the lack of posts recently, I have no excuse.  Consider this post a sneak peak into the card wizardry of Roger Curzon, a Sheffield Cardician of exceptional skill. Those of you who have visited The Magick Lounge in Sheffield will almost certainly have seen Roger perform at the weekly Saturday…