Control Fake-Outs – Ed Marlo

While I was away I really enjoyed reading Joe’s contributions to this blog. Looking through the archives has made me think about Magician Foolers – see here and here. It reminded me of  a very clever jog shuffle control fake-out from The Hierophant which I’ve been using for quite a while now. Whenever you perform for a fellow magician they can usually follow the control your using and if you really want to fool them you have to do something which they’ve never seen before. The beauty of this Marlo control is that it fools magicians with very basic moves which they have seen before – the secret it that you let them think they are following the moves but really you are doing something completely different.

For example you have a card peeked and controlled to the top then the pack is jog shuffled – the magician watching sees the card cut to the bottom, run to the top and then a jog shuffle begins, however the exageratted injog which marks the supposed location of the card is not cut or shuffled to- instead the cards are squared. The magician watching thought he was following the location of the card and is totally lost when the cards are squared.

For those of you with the digital version it’s on page 30. I tried looking through the hardcopies to find a reference but couldn’t find it – it’s there somewhere.