Saturday Sessions – The Magick Lounge

A new video feature which Russell Hall, owner of The Lounge has started filming recently. Videos of tricks performed by people who are in the lounge on that particular Saturday session- I think this is a great idea as you get to see behind the scenes so to speak of the UKs best brick and mortar magic shop. The shop is usually jam packed with talented magicians and it’s great to see them perform.

I’ve posted a few video links to the most recent ones and will continue to do so as they come up (there may even be one of me at some point which is quite daunting). Anyway – here is the latest one – Tom Hudson (aka. Afro Magic) performing the Ninja Rings. Tom is a fantastic magician who I’ve literally seen grow from a begineer into a working pro and I know he’s got a great deal of performing experience behind him. Seeing him do this live is even better than on the video – the rings link with almost no sideways movement of the hand holding the lead ring – it’s amazing.

Oh and check out this one of AfroMagic performing in quite possibly the worst conditions you can imagine for a magician –