Roger Curzon – New DVDs

Well it seems that Roger has finally emerged from the underground and has released a card magic DVD and also his Miralce Signed Card in Envelope on DVD in conjunction with ¬†–

Roger Curzon's Miracle Card to Envelope

Firstly I must apologise for the lack of posts recently, I have no excuse.  Consider this post a sneak peak into the card wizardry of Roger Curzon, a Sheffield Cardician of exceptional skill. Those of you who have visited The Magick Lounge in Sheffield will almost certainly have seen Roger perform at the weekly Saturday gathering of magicians.

Roger has contributed to numerous magazines (Stephen Tucker’s Spellbinder and Steve Hamilton’s Profile Magazine) and written several books and booklets on card magic and more recently on mentalism (Sublimations and Theomancy).

The routine below is one of my favourites and uses an incredibly clever method which Roger orignally published in Profile Magazine. This has more recently been ripped off by David Regal, who conveniently duplicated the method after it was shown to him by a friend of Rogers.

The illusion of the card being removed from the envelope is perfect. The trick is a stunner and I’ve never seen is performed with out the audience bursting into applause afterwards.

Thank you Roger.

For those of you who want to buy the booklet (containing several routines) – it’s available direct from the Magick Lounge in Sheffield

An Underused Move #3 – The Edward Victor Change

edwardvictorThis great change is the invention of British sleight of hand genius Edward Victor (1887 – 1964). He’s somewhat overlooked in the world of card magic, yet the sleights he invented are brilliant. Look through the pages of his “Magic of the Hands” trilogy and you will find a sleight akin to the Convincing Control and a false riffle shuffle scarily similar to Marlo’s (?) Shank shuffle. There’s also a move called “The Book Return” which is essentially the same as the four for four switch which is currently doing the rounds. The move under discussion is a startlingly visual change of a card as it is removed from the pack or as it is tapped with the fingers of the hand.

Two great tricks which use the move to great effect are Peter Duffie’s “Colour Change Collectors” from “Inspriations” and Jerry Sadowitz’s “Ipcress” from “Contemporary Card Magic”.

Click here to see Roger Curzon (an underground British legend) perform the change at 1:10.

As usual,¬†an idea of mine using the change – it’s not a trick but an application of the move to a triumph type effect.

To end, some words of wisdom from the opening page of “The Magic of the Hands” –

The Rules of the Sleight-of-Hand Artist Are three, and all others are vain; The first and second are “practice,” And the third one is “practice again.”

To gain access to the trick section you must enter a password. The password is the title of the trick on page 130 of The Complete Walton Volume 1.