Bob Irons'- One Riffle Shuffle Stack

A very popular topic amongst cardmen and one which I’ve dipped into a few times over the years. Highlights for me include JerrySadowitz’s system from “Thanks to Zarrow” as well as “MajorDalby’s Brag Stack” from The Crimp (this stack allegedly brought a tear to Dai Vernon’s eye).

The nice thing about Dalby’s stack is that you don’t really need to look at your hands while you’re doing it and everything is done in a way which would look fair and above board in a game (downside is it’s three of a kind only really). The Zarrow system is for magic only (you couldn’t use it in a game – which is fine because we’re magicians not gamblers) and it’s incredibly powerful – deck shuffled by spec and in a few shuffles you can have four of a kind on top without really looking at your hands!

Which leads me to the reason for this post – Bob Irons’ riffle stack. I’ve heard a few good stories from the guys at Magick Enterprises in Sheffield it seems Bob Irons was something of a character. I’m making it my mission to find out lots more about the man. I’ve seen someone perform his ace cutting routine and it looked great. Anyway I picked up a copy of his stack from a used book stall at Blackpool and it’s brilliant (thanks to Joe McKay for pointing out his stacking ideas are also published in Rogers Thesaurus). You can stack four of a kind to come out in any number of hands in one riffle shuffle and one legitimate cut. Not only that but with practise there would be very little hesitation during the shuffle and before the cards are pushed flush  there is no hint at all that the shuffle was anything other than ordinary.

Worth getting if you can find a copy – there were several copies for sale at the stall (Castle Magical Services). This also reminds me of a great Ricky Jay clip which I’m sure you’ll have all seen before buts its good to watch again –