Peter Kane – Audio Card Sessions


Available as a download on these recordings capture some of the incredible magic of Peter Kane, one of magics most innovative and yet under-rated of inventors.

Creator of classics such as “The Elongated Lady”, “Watch the Ace” (which was later ‘borrowed’ and published in America by Frank Garcia as “Wild Card”) and “The Shrinking Card Case”, Peter Kane had many many great ideas which he turned into wonderful routines. His Card Session booklets are a must have for any cardman.

As well as explanations of his tricks (including my favourite sandwich routine of all time) you’ll listen to great tips on performance and misdirection interspersed with many amusing stories.




The Shrinking Card Case – Peter Kane

Lets not forget the original version of this trick found in Peter Kanes Card Session booklets – pure genius, a flash of magical creativity which he had numerous times. I made up the original a while ago and loved it – there are “improvments” available but to me the original is the best.

Don’t practice sleights, practice tricks.

This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot recently. I used to try and learn as many sleights and moves as possible, purely for the satisfaction in practising something which is difficult to do. Recently I’ve been reminded of some great advice – practice tricks, not sleights. Peter Kane in his audio session tapes (available from Martin Breese) talks about this very thing – sleights are secondary and not really needed he says. You shouldn’t think about sleights, you should think about the effect. If you want to practice a new sleight or move then practice it in the context of a trick. If you keep thinking about a sleight and how great the move is then when you’re performing the effect you’ll be thinking about the sleight when you shouldn’t. If you keep thinking about about sleights then you’ll loose the timing of the trick, you’re misdirection and the audience may pick up on something they shouldn’t.

Sleights are secondary all the time.

Peter Kane