Mystery Magazine Issue 2 – A Short Review

Recently received a copy of Mystery Magazine Issue 2. I was very unimpressed to be perfectly honest. The best thing in it by far was the trick by Roy Walton called “Ghostly Poker”. I don’t really enjoy reading about magic competitions and little gatherings. I also hope the standard of the effects get better (I’m obviously excluding the trick by Roy Walton), “Mirror Trick” by Michael Lyth – a jumbo card inside a sparkly frame trick – does anyone seriously present stuff like this these days? “The Long-Distance Card Trick” by Chris Wardle – using a very old number force to force a card – there are much better and stronger over the phone tricks than this.

I was laughing out loud whilst reading the interview with “Dynamo”. When asked about mastering his routines and the books vs DVD debate he replied –

The magic scene as a whole is very formulaic. People use the same ideas, follow the same sorts of paths, routes and so on. The way I look at it, to step out of that box and be different, you have to look elsewhere for your inspiration…I know guys who can do really impressive card magic, stuff that puts me to shame – and I’m pretty good. These are guys who can do all the technical things, but when it comes to performing an effect for somebody, they don’t have a clue.

“Step out of that box and be different” – I don’t see anything unique about him at all – just another Blaine wannabe who uses mostly marketed items anyone can do. “I’m pretty good” – no you’re not. Not only can you not do the technical stuff, you can’t present either. It really annoys me when people assume that just because you actually care about good technique and spend time mastering difficult sleights you must not be able to present anything.

As for “Dynamo” his success is due to the general public not being able to appreciate what good magic is. Some promoter see’s him doing poor magic, doesn’t know what good magic is and signs him up believing him to be good.

As for the magazine – I’ll keep getting it and hope it improves. After all we need a decent British magic magazine.