Lennart Green – Master Series

Just a quick not on this – this is great for those that are already familiar with Lennart’s work as it contains some refinements and interesting biographical information. As a learning tool the Green Magic 6 volume DVD set is far far superior and contains much better explanations. The Master Series set seems a little rushed and in my opinion far too much time is spent referring to playbacks on the giant flat screen wall mounted TV. Compare this to Green Magic disk 1 which is just Lennart sat at a table explaining much more in much more detail. I prefer the latter.

Lennart Green Week – Blog DaOrtiz

Dani DaOrtiz has been having a week-long tribute to Lennart Green on his blog. Here’s a link to the Google translation into English – Click here

You can make out what most of it means although some of the translation is poor. The videos however are in English. The first post in particular is really nice and has some biographical information on Lennart.