An Underused Move #1 – The Push-off Double Deal

The double deal, I think, is a highly underused move in card magic and yet has lots of potential for great effects. I first read of the idea of dealing doubles in Expert Card Technique where it is described as a double lift of the top and bottom cards. I’ve only ever seen this done invisibly by one person and that was used as a turnover double not as a deal to the table. This deal is also best suited for small packets rather than a full deck.

The double deal that I want to talk about here is a deal of the top two cards of the deck (i.e a push off double). I first read this in Jerry Sadowitz and Peter Duffie’s book “Inspirations”, in which Sadowitz includes a whole chapter on this deal and its uses. He describes many excellent effects which I’m not going to describe here as I want you to buy the book! There’s one routine in particular called “Three, four, five etc” which I would love to see someone do well.

After playing with the move for only a short time you’ll begin to see uses for it. Here’s a small trick using the move which is awful (for a start there’s too much attention on the deal) but I hope it shows you what can be done with it.

An underused move will become a regular (ish) feature – including a bad trick by me for each move! Next up will be Marlo’s “Visual Retention Change”…

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