An impossible location

Most impossible locations are dry in presentation and don’t include a huge amount of participation by the spectator. The conditions under which the card is selected and then lost is the single most important thing if you decide to do this type of challenge magic – it has to be ‘impossible’ and you should appear…

DaOrtiz on Victor

Just found this clip – Dani DaOrtiz performing a very visual four of a kind change using Edward Victor’s change. Great to see it being used.


I love watching this guy –

Lennart Green Week – Blog DaOrtiz

Dani DaOrtiz has been having a week-long tribute to Lennart Green on his blog. Here’s a link to the Google translation into English – Click here You can make out what most of it means although some of the translation is poor. The videos however are in English. The first post in particular is really…

Dani DaOrtiz

I’ve only fairly recently discovered Dani DaOrtiz after looking through some YouTube videos. He’s funny, original and highly entertaining as these clips will prove. He’s kind of like a ¬†cross between Tamariz and Lennart Green and I really feel like those of us who only speak English are missing out on some excellent effects and…