A Novel Location – Charlie Miller

I’ve recently been reading through the bound volumes of “The Paulbearers Review”, a monthly magazine published by Karl Fulves, which ran from 1965 – 1975. ┬áHaving only got to the end of volume 2 (and having already read way too many tricks using slates for my liking!) there’s some really excellent card items within the pages of this magazine. Contributions from the likes of Dai Vernon, Roy Walton, Bruce Cervon etc..

Those of you who are lucky enough to have the original issues and those of you who have the L&L reprints should look up a great trick by Charlie Miller in the September 1967 issue (page 123 in the bound volumes). Its called “A Novel Location” and is a funny backwards card trick in which the┬áspectator selects a card face up and looks at the back instead of the face. It’s a great little comedy trick and well worth looking up.

Once again this reminds me how worthwhile and important it is to study the classic texts and magazines – not only will you find excellent material but also sound advice which will enable you to perfect your performances and find your own character. One way to become original is to use effects other people aren’t using – there’s no better place to start looking than the Paulbearers Review…