The Smith Shift

I’ve always loved Marlo’s Simple Shift from “The Cardician”, however it does require that the cards are inserted into the pack face-up. This is fine as you’d only use it in routines in which the cards to be controlled can be openly known. Al Smith has not only solved the problem of having the cards face-up but also eliminates the need for a key card – he calls it “The Smith Shift” and it can be found in (I believe) his first book – “Cards on Demand”. It’s a wonderful move which I’ve not seen anyone do. I always loved the fairness in the Simple Shift where you push the cards apparently flush into the pack and now with Al Smiths move this same fairness can be used to control a number of cards to the top of the pack facedown. A hat tip to Mr Smith for a great move.


Maybe I should give away more of my booklets because I’ve just had a quick flick through “Cards at Bay” – the booklet which is being given to the winner of the Double Deal Competition and there’s some real gems inside. The first trick in the booklet – “PERDUP” is a great little trick – pack is cut, spectator shuffles their cut off portion and removes any card they like face down. The rest of their cut off section is placed in the card box and the spectator freely inserts their selection somewhere in the other half. When the other half is spread the cards either side of the selection are totaled – say 18. The rest of the pack is removed from the box, counted and found to total 18 cards! Brilliant.