Marlo Monday 2


Marlo Mondays Video Podcast

Thanks to my friend Vincent for tipping me off to this, the first of a weekly video podcast from Steven Reynolds and Dartagnan on the card magic of Ed Marlo.

Aaron Fisher wisdom


Why would you want to learn card magic off someone who got caught doing a double lift for years, and years, and years?

I don’t care if you think I’m being cruel by thinking these videos are funny but come on, who in their right mind wouldn’t find his facial expression at 2:30 bloody hilarious?!

Ascanio Coin Matrix

Awesome –

Hilarious Aaron Fisher video

First saw this at –


He’s so patronising it makes you cringe yet he’s also unintentionally very very funny!

Big Plunger

A larger scale version of a trick based on ideas by Jon Armstrong, Matthew Bich and Marv Long.


The miniature version of the plunger is a very comical prop with lots of scope for personalised routines –



Awesome Vintage Magic