Coin in pack

A card is selected from the pack, remembered, returned and the pack placed on the table. A 2 pence piece is shown and vanished. The spectator then cuts the pack and the coin is found somewhere in the centre right next to the selected card. 

A lovely plot that blends coin magic with cards in a way I like. I’m interested to read other published methods for this trick so if anyone can point me to any sources that would be great 😀. 

I’m currently working on a method for the magazine using a coin that is signed by the spectator so from their point of view no switch has taken place. 

Coincidence tricks

I have a thing for tricks where the cards are thoroughly shuffled yet somehow the laws of chance are bent and strange coincidences occur; cards repeatedly match, order is produced etc. 

My favourite is a Wayne Dobson trick the name and source of which has currently fled my memory. David Britland on his Cardopolis blog posts a lovely version which is worth checking out as is “Four Way Prediction” by John Murray found in Jerry Mentzers “Card Cavalcade 3”. 

The Journeyman Years


The Journeyman Years perfectly sums up how I feel about my journey travelling and studying magic and is where I’ve got the title for the magazine – The Journeyman. I’ve completed 95% of the first installment and just have one or two tweaks to make until it’s ready.

I’ve been in a signal dead zone for the last week or so crossing the famous Nullabor plains which is why I haven’t been able to type any updates for a while. I was hoping to upload the finished issue today but realise that I’ll be entering another dead zone for the next week or so which means that anyone buying the magazine will have to wait until I have internet before I can send it – I’d rather wait until I can send it to you within 24 hours.

I’ve had a few questions asking whether or not the magazine will be free and if not then how much will it be – it’s not going to be free and it’s not going to be very expensive either. I think a fair and reasonable price is £2.50 per issue – that way only people who are genuinely interested will consider buying it and then whether or not you continue to do so will depend entirely on the merit of the first issue.

Thanks for your patience guys 🙂

What is Magic?

I define magic thus: Magic is the illusion that is created when a series of natural movements apparently causes an unnatural, or magical, result. For example if I show a coin in my right hand and apparently place it in my left hand in so natural a way that the onlookers are convinced it is really there, then when I pretend to make the coin vanish and show the left hand empty, for them the illusion of magic has been created. But if, on the other hand, I have first played pitch and toss with the coin, flinging it from hand to hand, or have made the action of placing the coin in the left hand with unnatural swiftness, suspicion will at once arise in the minds of the onlookers. When the left hand is shown empty they arrive at once at the right conclusion, namely, that the coin was never placed there. There is no illusion therefore no magic. 

Jean Hugard – Hugards Magic Monthly

A change in direction

So I’m moving to a new city in a new country for the next 12 months and have decided that busking will be the perfect way for me to improve my magic performance skills. I’ve always been very particular about where I think magic is best performed – for example I wouldn’t want to perform in restaurants, weddings or even corporate situations – it’s too commercial for me. There are only two places I’d be comfortable performing – one is in an organised magic show, where people know they’re going to see a magician and the other is magic performed on the street. Organizing a show does appeal to me but for now I’m going to concentrate on busking – there’s something nice about performing magic on the streets just like magicians used to do a few hundred years ago.

New site address

Hi Guys,

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Hi all! Sorry for the lack of posts/result from the competition. I’m in the middle of moving and have no internet access at the moment. All will be sorted in the next week or so and posting will be back to normal – got some great stuff lined up. A massive thankyou to Cardmagic10 for posting some excellent things as usual.