Coin in pack

A card is selected from the pack, remembered, returned and the pack placed on the table. A 2 pence piece is shown and vanished. The spectator then cuts the pack and the coin is found somewhere in the centre right next to the selected card. 

A lovely plot that blends coin magic with cards in a way I like. I’m interested to read other published methods for this trick so if anyone can point me to any sources that would be great ūüėÄ. 

I’m currently working on a method for the magazine using a coin that is signed by the spectator so from their point of view no switch has taken place. 

Multiple selection routines

Think I’ll start to try and put a multiple selection and revelation routine together as it’s always something I thought had great entertainment value. I know J.K Hartman has a nice routine but I think the best thing to do is to come up with your own. There’s so much potential as well, there are literally dozens and dozens of ways to find each card and I suppose the secret is in building up the routine to a nice climax.

Whilst mindlessly surfing the internet I found –

A bad routine –’s-mind-bending-card-tricks

and a super super awesome routine which everyones already seen but it can’t hurt to see again –



Story card tricks

Am I the only one who doesn’t like full deck story card tricks? This one is particularly bad I think – at least throw in a good false shuffle at the start and in the middle – cuts just aren’t good enough.

You can’t talk about story card tricks and not mention Bill Malone’s Sam the Bellhop – much better version but I’m still not convinced.

Perfect centers and the little toy car

Had a great time at the Magick Lounge in Sheffield this weekend and had some brilliant card sessions with the regulars there. After hours we headed to easily the best pub in Sheffield for some post lounge card discussion. Joining us was underground Marlo fan Steve Brownley who was doing some incredible stuff for the laymen in the pub. Steve¬†consistently¬†fools me badly and I’m amazed he’s not that well-known in the magic world. He can do the stuff you read about and don’t think possible – perfectly hitting “think a card” consistently – card placed face down on the table, spectator is asked to say what they think the card is – it’s turned over….and it is the card they named. He can repeat this with the same spectator. That clean. He also performed the best center deal I’ve ever seen – four cards face up in the centre – cleanly shown, cards dribbled into the hand immediately dealt and the 4th card in the deal came from the centre face up. He then cleanly showed the 3 face up in the centre and repeated until the four cards were in his hand – flawless.

I also managed to pick up an “El Cochecito” from the Magick Lounge only this one is made from clear perspex.

It’s a great effect, offbeat and very entertaining. Needless to say Steve managed to flaw the pub using the very car I’d just bought – he even fooled the¬†magicians¬†with the location of the card. Brilliant. If you ever get a chance to be in Sheffield on a Saturday don’t miss a trip to the Lounge where you’ll be greeted by a dozen or so friendly magicians and a shop which stocks some hidden gems.