A move I can’t do

A double turnover of the bottom and top cards of the pack with a full deck – bloody difficult but has some very good applications. Guess I’ll just keep on trying…


The classic force

How not to do it –

Very tense mechanical handling and you can really notice the speed up when the spectator goes to take the card.

How I think it should be done –

Natural causal spreading – much more deceptive.


The Semi-Circular Switch

A really cool little move found by John Racherbaumer published in Richard Kaufman’s “Card Magic”. Have a look if you have the book – you might have overlooked it.

Move Monkey Mode

I’m in one of those “must learn a tricky move for no real reason” moods. Have decided on Derek Dingles “Technical Refinement to LJ’s Angle Palm Steal” from the Complete Works. Does anyone out there use this, or do you have your own tricky move you’re practising yet will never really use?

Forte Production – David Williamson

Whilst on the subject of the Bristol Day of Magic (held in Weston-Super-Mere) David Williamson performed and explained a great Steve Forte move which he used as a production of the four aces as the cards are sprung from one hand to the other (the move can be used for others things also). Managed to find a video of David Williamson performing it –

It’s near the end of the clip.

Knuckle Jog – JK Hartman

Genius – never again will I use any other method of securing a break above the bottom card. Hidden in a natural action – there’s no tense first finger buckle here! Found throughout his books I believe – it’s in After Craft and in there he mentions it was published in Card Craft.

Blow Away Change – JK Hartman

First published in Card Craft this change made a reappearance in After Craft which is where I read it. The effect is that a face up card on top of the pack changes when the performer raises the pack to their lips and blows on the card. In the updated description in After Craft J.K Hartman talks about how the move created some confusion as to its workability when first published – even reading the updated description I can see why. It’s one of those moves which appears bad when read but is great when you actually use it. It’s the sort of move you’d easily overlook yet if you saw someone do it you’d use it all the time. Well worth looking up.