Magic Quote #9

Simplicity is the keynote of every worthwhile effect in magic.  Paul Le Paul, The Card Magic of Le Paul

Magic Quotes #8

But it is well known that if magicians in general would pay more attention to the presentation of tricks they are using instead of continually looking for ‘something new’ they would be much better off —- and so would magic.  Theo Annemann, 1936 Written in 1936 yet even today it’s not “well known”. 

Magic Quotes #7

No wonder wives and mothers tire of magic. They are always the first upon whom a new one is in- flicted. Besides, they invariably see them before it has been perfectly learned, and catching them call it all very silly. A man invariably tells of his wife’s accuteness at ‘catching on’. Do they realise that a…

The Jinx

Started reading “The Jinx” and am really enjoying every issue. Annemann had a great sense of humour, solid publishing ethics for a magazine and to top it all off he just so happens to be a creative genius. I think magic would benefit from a publication like the Jinx coming round again; something without news…

Magic Quotes #6

When I see someone spend $500 at a convention, or even $1000 for the trick with the little ball that gets into the glass, or the cup that gets into…whatever, it makes me sick. But when it’s books, thats the best possible investment. Arturo de Ascanio

Magic Quotes #5

It is simply not true that you’re a better magician because you’re better informed. You may be luckier, or you may have more books, more money or more time. Maybe you’re a bit more knowledgeable, but you’re not a better magician. Arturo de Ascanio

Magic Quotes #4

Do not be put off by friends telling you it’s not worth the effort to learn a second deal, as it has very little use in card magic, it is a sleight of considerable power which has not been used extensively, simply because not many people do it. It’s not that they cannot do it,…

Magic Quotes #3

There’s no way that you can put two cards down on the table as one….unless you’re working for people who just can’t see. Peter Kane

Magic Quotes #2

A magical quickie is like a sexual quickie. Jon Racherbaumer

Magic Quotes #1

A magic club has as much relationship to magic as a country club has to the country. Jon Racherbaumer