Children watching magic

Usually the children here at the orphanage are very energetic and a little rowdy at times (just kids being kids) which is hard when you’re trying to teach ten at a time how to vanish a ball. 

None of the children here have ever watched magic before so I showed them Yu Ho Jin’s incredible manipulation act and they were all completely mesmerized; literally silent and in awe the entire time; it really is a beautiful piece of magic. 

Following this they wanted to see some card magic so on I popped Ricky Jay and his 52 assistants and here they are all silent and enthralled –


Magic props

So I’ve been teaching children magic here in India and it’s been an incredibly rewarding experience. Beginners card magic I’ve found the most fun but I also bought some magic props for the younger kids. 

This the state of the them after two days. Almost everything broken 🙂

I also forgot just how diverse a subject magic is – you have to learn the physical sleight of hand, have good memory skills, teach them how to present and get them to think about what to say. 

The old number trick has been a help in practicing mental arithmetic –


Some of the kids are picking it up very quickly and a good test has been teaching a simple coin or ball vanish – 

In issue 2 of the magazine I go into more detail on the card trick they are being taught and the methods I’m using to try and help them improve quickly. 

Heat Crimp Nightmare

So I’ve spent the last few months living and working in Outback Australia – 12 hours drive from the most remote city in the world. Beautiful landscapes and wildlife but leave a pack unattended for a few minutes……and they’re ruined. 40 degree days and playing cards don’t go together.

Photo on 07-02-2016 at 11.31

On the plus side practising with cards like this does mean the next time I get handed a plastic coated nightmare of a pack from a fellow traveler I’ll be fine.



A change in direction

So I’m moving to a new city in a new country for the next 12 months and have decided that busking will be the perfect way for me to improve my magic performance skills. I’ve always been very particular about where I think magic is best performed – for example I wouldn’t want to perform in restaurants, weddings or even corporate situations – it’s too commercial for me. There are only two places I’d be comfortable performing – one is in an organised magic show, where people know they’re going to see a magician and the other is magic performed on the street. Organizing a show does appeal to me but for now I’m going to concentrate on busking – there’s something nice about performing magic on the streets just like magicians used to do a few hundred years ago.

Magic and travelling

I’m back after a break from the magic world. I’ve been travelling the past six months and so have no idea what’s been going on in magic – I even missed the Blackpool convention for the first time in 7 years!

It’s been good though, having a break, not obsessing over learning new routines and moves (I still miss my books though) and I’ve been able to concentrate on refining the tricks I already know; to think them through properly and try an eliminate any unnatural actions so everything is justified and therefore more magical. It’s been great fun.

I’ve had real fun performing over the past few months – to fellow travelers and local people alike and in fact have performed more whilst traveling than I ever have before. Over the last 18 months my focus has shifted from concentrating on magic technique to magic performance and I’ve decided that I will devote the next 12 months to improving further. That being said the blog may shift away from the purely technical so expect to find more performance and theory related posts – stay tuned!

Sadowitz roots for “Open Triumph”

So it turns out that the casual display used by Dani DaOrtiz in his Open Triumph trick can be found in Jerry Sadowitz’s’ Crimp Magazine under the title of “Psychological Triumph” in issue 47! I personally prefer Dani DaOrtizs’ handling which is much easier and more causal, but credit must go to Mr Sadowitz for the display.

It’s a great idea and so so convincing..