Card games

So I’ve almost finished my time in India volunteering at a children’s home and playing cards have featured a lot over the last couple if months. As well as teaching them magic I’ve also been playing a lot of card games and it got me to wondering how often people play cards on a regular basis.

I once met someone who was as into cards games as I was card magic. He knew hundreds of games and said his family used to play all the time growing up. Apparently German Whist is a great game.

It seems to me that performing for a group of people who play card games regularly would be fun. 

Just a thought. 

Children watching magic

Usually the children here at the orphanage are very energetic and a little rowdy at times (just kids being kids) which is hard when you’re trying to teach ten at a time how to vanish a ball. 

None of the children here have ever watched magic before so I showed them Yu Ho Jin’s incredible manipulation act and they were all completely mesmerized; literally silent and in awe the entire time; it really is a beautiful piece of magic. 

Following this they wanted to see some card magic so on I popped Ricky Jay and his 52 assistants and here they are all silent and enthralled –


Playing card speed records


Randomly stumbled across a video of a guy doing and in the hands riffle shuffle with a cascade finish in 1.37 seconds-

“Fastest Time To Perform A Two-Handed Playing Card Shuffle With An “Umbrella” Flourish”

This led on to looking at other records and I quickly realised I’d stumbled across a weird little world of costumed playing card speed record enthusiasts-

“Fastest Time to Perform 10 Hindu Shuffles”

“Most Consecutive Charlier Cuts While Spinning A Playing Card On A Playing Card Using A Fan”

Even some magic! –

“Fastest Time to Perform Erdnase Colour Change”

If any convention organisers are reading this – get the gold guy booked before everyone else does.

The winner is…..

Hello, at last I am back online and so can announce the much late result from the competition. Quite a few people entered which was nice see, most got the correct answer which was…..Jerry Sadowitz. From those that got the correct answer a winner was randomly selected using the classic names out of a hat procedure. Drum roll please……….the winner is……James McCann! The booklet will be sent this week – enjoy. Thanks to all those who entered, a new competition may be held again soon although this time I hope to actually announce the results within an acceptable timeframe.