The Journeyman Issue 3

It’s been a while but issue 3 is now available, contents on the page above. This issues contains a contribution from one of my mentors in magic – Roger Curzon from Sheffield. 

I also explore a new switch, a version of Gemini twins using any named values from a shuffled pack and more. 


Issue 2 of The Journeyman is now available – either click the link at the top of the page or the image in the sidebar. Same as before – once payment has been received I will email you the pdf file.

This issue contains –

  • Poker Dice Prediction – a spectator freely rolls five poker dice, the cards are then thoroughly shuffled. Several hand of cards are dealt and the spectators chosen hand contains the exact same cards as those shown on the dice.
  • Poker Dice Prediction 2
  • Four Wheeler – an excellent contribution from Scottish card man Gavin Ross.
  • Switchless Switch
  • Rising Acesa three phase multiple ambitious aces routine.
  • The Real Hindu Shuffle
  • Switchless Leaper

Magic props

So I’ve been teaching children magic here in India and it’s been an incredibly rewarding experience. Beginners card magic I’ve found the most fun but I also bought some magic props for the younger kids. 

This the state of the them after two days. Almost everything broken 🙂

I also forgot just how diverse a subject magic is – you have to learn the physical sleight of hand, have good memory skills, teach them how to present and get them to think about what to say. 

The old number trick has been a help in practicing mental arithmetic –


Some of the kids are picking it up very quickly and a good test has been teaching a simple coin or ball vanish – 

In issue 2 of the magazine I go into more detail on the card trick they are being taught and the methods I’m using to try and help them improve quickly. 

A big thank you

Thanks to everyone who bought issue 1 – have had some nice feedback and am now beginning to put together issue 2 which will include a couple of contributions which is great. 

I’ll be away in a remote region of India for the next two weeks so anyone who buys issue 1 will have to wait until the 19th May before I can send it.

Am working on some layout changes and also trying to include some illustrations which should help to make things clearer. 

The Journeyman Years


The Journeyman Years perfectly sums up how I feel about my journey travelling and studying magic and is where I’ve got the title for the magazine – The Journeyman. I’ve completed 95% of the first installment and just have one or two tweaks to make until it’s ready.

I’ve been in a signal dead zone for the last week or so crossing the famous Nullabor plains which is why I haven’t been able to type any updates for a while. I was hoping to upload the finished issue today but realise that I’ll be entering another dead zone for the next week or so which means that anyone buying the magazine will have to wait until I have internet before I can send it – I’d rather wait until I can send it to you within 24 hours.

I’ve had a few questions asking whether or not the magazine will be free and if not then how much will it be – it’s not going to be free and it’s not going to be very expensive either. I think a fair and reasonable price is £2.50 per issue – that way only people who are genuinely interested will consider buying it and then whether or not you continue to do so will depend entirely on the merit of the first issue.

Thanks for your patience guys 🙂

A new magazine….

Ok so as most people who read this blog know, I’ve been away travelling for the past two and a half years and am still doing so. This post is brought to you from the deserts of Western Australia. During my travels I’ve had a lot of time to think about card tricks, to refine routines I already knew and have even come up with some nice new routines and effects of my own.

I really like the blog format but it’s not the place to talk about magical secrets and have in depth discussions on card magic methods. So…..this idea has been in my head for a long time now and I’ve always thought of reasons not to do it when I should have been focussing on just the opposite. A magazine. Inspired by the ones I love to read – Pabular, Profile, The Crimp and The Jinx.

Focussing exclusively on card magic, published roughly monthly (depending on where I am in the world) and containing tricks, articles, advice for intermediate performers and pretty much everything that interests me about card magic.

Issue 1 is almost complete and some things I have planned for the first couple of issues include –

  • A super clean version of the whispering card plot
  • Novel new endings to Royal Marriage routines
  • Card tricks meets actual origami
  • Underused/overlooked moves

One thing I loved about the magazines of 40 or 50 years ago was the sense of community they had – magicians would write in, send their ideas and variations, try and solve problems and share tips and advice. You could say that now we’re in the age of the internet that these sorts of magazine are redundant – we have forums now, one trick video downloads! To me there’s something off about how magic is sold and how ideas are shared these days; even the biggest magazines have pages of ads no ones wants to read, magic has become too commercialised in my opinion

Anyway, I’m rambling now but basically I’m writing a magazine that I would want to read, especially for all us card nerds out there. I wrote a long time ago that there are no decent British magazines around these days and now I’ve decided to try and do something about it.

As I’ll be hopping countries over the next few months it will have to be sent as a pdf, ideally I would have it sent printed to each person but that’s just not possible at the moment.

Is this something you would be interest in? That’s what I really want to know and was the basis for this post – if nobody wants to read it then I’ll let my ideas gather dust in my notebook and keep performing the tricks myself, if on the other hand you want to help me build a small community of people who love card magic and reject the era of one trick downloads, then please let me know below –


The Jinx

Started reading “The Jinx” and am really enjoying every issue. Annemann had a great sense of humour, solid publishing ethics for a magazine and to top it all off he just so happens to be a creative genius. I think magic would benefit from a publication like the Jinx coming round again; something without news that concentrated on good tricks for real performers.

Loved this quote –

Mind you, I’m not kicking as I don’t give a hoot for all the curbstone magi in the world – and there are some good ones. But forcing magic on people who otherwise wouldn’t be bothered with buying i t is what helps hurt the bus iness. Let them become interested themselves and you’ll have a true subject who won’t kid or fool with the trick as a novelty and show i t to every- one he meets. And to paraphrase a remark that Fred Keating once made; “If Magic is dead, it is because it has been murdered.”