Peter Duffie’s Card Compulsions – Digitized

Five years ago I posted about this excellent book and now it’s been released as a pdf file available via Peter Duffies’ website.

Highly recommended reading for anyone interested in card magic; it contains very strong material with clever methodology and entertaining plots. Plus at the moment it’s on offer and a bargain.

Fooling Houdini – Alex Stone

After reading Ricky Jays far from positive review of this new book by Alex Stone I thought I’d do a quick YouTube search on the author. Enjoy the 3 minutes and 58 seconds of drivel interspersed with some poor magic clips-

My favourtite quote is:

Innattentional blindness is a form of blindness experienced when we’re not paying attention.

 **EDIT**  – Thanks to those who pointed out my typo – I originally wrote “Tom Stone” instead of “Alex Stone” – my bad.

Shock Treatment – Jackie McClements

I first saw Jackie McClements on an International Magic DVD and thought he was excellent. I’d read about him in the Crimp and a lot of people have heard of his false cut. His Flash Pass is an incredibly deceptive alternative to the classic two handed pass and I’ve been using it quite a bit since. He even does blindfold dice stacking in the lecture!

The main reason for posting this is to give you the heads up that Jackie McClements does produce a booklet called “Shock Treatment” which is available on his website – It contains 12 items in total, my favourites are “The Move” which is an ace cutting display and of course “Shock Treatment” – a routine which has many incredibly magical possibilities. If you’re looking for something new and don’t want to but the latest £30+ monster tomb then buy this booklet instead – you won’t be disappointed.


If you ever get one of those times when you just don’t feel into cards – read Marlo. “Estimations” has brought me back from a brief period of zero card magic. I remember magicians I’ve met in the past saying that there were times when they felt they needed a break from magic – at the time I never thought I’d feel that way but recently I’ve had one of those breaks. Well the break is over and Estimations has inspired me again. There really is some awesome material in those pages and I find it exciting working with something that has an element of risk. Marlo rules.

Duffie's Card Compulsions

Recently dug out my copy of this brilliant tome by the one and only Peter Duffie – one of magic greatest thinkers with a pack of cards. I always love it when you re-discover something you already own and get the same buzz that you did the first time around – who needs to buy new books – just re-read the ones you’ve already got!

59 compulsions in 269 annoyingly wide pages (including a section on sleights) I’d say this is a must have book. Like all books on card tricks (except those by Roy Walton) there are a few items which I don’t really care for but overall the standard of the effects in this book is incredibly high.

Some favourites –

The Three Packet Shuffle – a great four ace opener in which you cut to three of the aces from a triumphed deck and find the last one in the centre face up – all the other cards have corrected themselves.

Mis-Read Palmistry – a bold version of Alex Elmsley’s “Between Your Palms” using the mis-show principle – brilliant.

Sherlock Never Married – the best royal marriages trick I’ve ever read – entertaining, baffling and with a kicker ending which fits the routine and patter perfectly.

Divisory Capacity – a classic Duffie trick – very easy to perform but devastatingly good – can also be used to fool magicians.

The Ultimate Truth – a lie detector trick using reverse plunger move. Very difficult to figure out and very entertaining.

Triggered Hofzinser – not as commerical as a lot of other routines but I like this purley because it uses a brilliant underused move – Roy Waltons “Trigger Move”.

Caprice – Two jokers in both pockets change places with two selected cards on the table – the cards are removed cleanly from each pocket. Uses a genius principle Duffie calls “Double Fantasy” – great to play with and with practise the trick would be a killer.

The sleights section contains some precious Duffie wisdom including a brilliant bold multiple shift – The Grift Shift – have yet to try this but I’m sure it works great.

Get this book while you can.

So much to read…so little time!

I am currently going through a British magic magazine phase alongside the JK Hartman revival. Managed to pickup some Opus magazines which are fantastic. The articles are incredible and there’s lots of interesting information and reviews. The magazine seems to have been on the rebel side – honestly reporting on competitions and the state of the magic scene at that time – it’s great reading. Opus looks set to resurrect with Chris Power and JJ attending the EMC – in fact anyone who signs up to the EMC will receive a PDF of the first volume of Opus!