Peter Duffie’s Card Compulsions – Digitized

Five years ago I posted about this excellent book and now it’s been released as a pdf file available via Peter Duffies’ website.

Highly recommended reading for anyone interested in card magic; it contains very strong material with clever methodology and entertaining plots. Plus at the moment it’s on offer and a bargain.


The Complete Walton, Volume 3!

Thanks to Joe McKay for letting me know about the release of volume 3. Am super excited about this – it’ll be a nice welcome home present for myself in the next year or so.

Favourite card stab

Eric Masons card stab from his book “Stuff” is awesome. Definitely worth a re-read if you have the book.

There’s also a trick with match boxes in there which would be the best opener for a parlour show ever.

What you don't want to read in a trick description

You need a Mene-Tekel Stay-Stack deck…The deck is also a Side Stripper

This is from a trick called “Late-Night Arising” from “Card Fixes”. Nice trick but I think I’ll stick with impromptu items!

Fooling Houdini – Alex Stone

After reading Ricky Jays far from positive review of this new book by Alex Stone I thought I’d do a quick YouTube search on the author. Enjoy the 3 minutes and 58 seconds of drivel interspersed with some poor magic clips-

My favourtite quote is:

Innattentional blindness is a form of blindness experienced when we’re not paying attention.

 **EDIT**  – Thanks to those who pointed out my typo – I originally wrote “Tom Stone” instead of “Alex Stone” – my bad.

A funny thing about old books…

… is that although you regularly discover hidden gems, occasionally you find something obscure:


Shock Treatment – Jackie McClements

I first saw Jackie McClements on an International Magic DVD and thought he was excellent. I’d read about him in the Crimp and a lot of people have heard of his false cut. His Flash Pass is an incredibly deceptive alternative to the classic two handed pass and I’ve been using it quite a bit since. He even does blindfold dice stacking in the lecture!

The main reason for posting this is to give you the heads up that Jackie McClements does produce a booklet called “Shock Treatment” which is available on his website – It contains 12 items in total, my favourites are “The Move” which is an ace cutting display and of course “Shock Treatment” – a routine which has many incredibly magical possibilities. If you’re looking for something new and don’t want to but the latest £30+ monster tomb then buy this booklet instead – you won’t be disappointed.