Coincidence tricks

I have a thing for tricks where the cards are thoroughly shuffled yet somehow the laws of chance are bent and strange coincidences occur; cards repeatedly match, order is produced etc. 

My favourite is a Wayne Dobson trick the name and source of which has currently fled my memory. David Britland on his Cardopolis blog posts a lovely version which is worth checking out as is “Four Way Prediction” by John Murray found in Jerry Mentzers “Card Cavalcade 3”. 

Alex Elmsley – The Mexican Prediction

So I’ve been playing around with the Mexican turnover recently when trying to solve a card problem using dice and also a mentalism routine. I remembered this trick from The Complete Works of Alex Elmsley volume 2 which uses the move but in an incredibly clever way (typical of all Elmsley tricks). 

The effect is given as follows –

The performer runs quickly through the deck and sets two cards facedown on the table. He explains that’s these cards, in combination, serve as a duplicate to one card in the deck. One of the pair predicts the value, the other predicts the suit. 

To test the validity of the prediction, someone is asks to push any card at random out of the spread pack. When the two cards are turned up they form a precise composite of th selected card. 

If you have this book (also available as a PDF from L&L Publishing) then I would recommend re-reading the trick as it may spark other off beat ideas for this move. 

Steve Brownley's Ultimatum Deck

I’ve mentioned Steve before in other posts and this Blackpool convention saw the unveiling of his “Ultimatum Deck”. Steve has improved an old method to create something which allows you to do some very clean card at any number routines. Steve has created 2 great routines – in the first routine “Three Choice Cuts” three spectators fairly select cards which are returned to the pack which is tabled. A spectator cuts the pack into three piles – the spectator turns over the top card of each pile to reveal each selected card.

In the second routine “Luck and Intuition” one selection is found at any number named for by the spectator who chose the card – they count the cards themselves. The second selection is found when the spectator tosses the first selection face up as the pack is dribbled on the table – the spectator checks and finds they have thrown their card next to the other spectators selection!

As well as allowing you to find a card at any number named by the spectator you can also do this with two selections and two different numbers – the spectator counts each time!

Available from The Magick Lounge.

Here is a recent video of the end of Steve performing a card at any number –


Trick of the Month – March 2012

This month goes to Woody Aragon’s “Weighing the Cards” from his “A Book in English”. It’s the best weighing the cards trick you’ll find around – the routine is perfectly constructed with phases which slowly build tension and become seemingly more impossible. He’s managed to create a magical feel to a trick which most perform as a demonstration of skill. Can’t praise this trick enough – it’s brilliant. If you don’t have the book then I highly recommend it.

Trick of the month- February 2012

Issue 4 of Steven Hamiltons Profile Magazine contains a superb Paul Wilson trick – “Randall Flagg”. Basically it’s a card at number routine where the spectator freely stops at 3 cards which are added and the card found at that number. This is done from a shuffled deck. The handling is very causal and excellently constructed. It almost has a Dani DaOrtiz feel about it – that impromptu jazz style in which you have to think a bit yet give the spectator a lot of freedom of choice – this leads to a total fooler. Anyone who has the magazines is urged to re-read this issue which also contains a great trick by Jerry Sadowitz.