The Jerx – Best Thinker in Magic Today

I am a huge fan of The Jerx.

I thought I would just log back in here and pass on the recommendation. Hopefully Kevin won’t mind! But I still have access to this site from my time spent posting on here a few years ago under the name Cardmagic10…

Anyway – “Andy” (it is a pseudonym he uses) is the best thinker in magic today. I wrote an overview of his work over here which you may find useful.

Quirx of the Jerx

He has been blogging for the past 2.5 years. And has written a book which has received a rave review in GENII, a rave review from Jamy Ian Swiss and won Book of The Year on The Magic Cafe. He also has a digital magic monthly called JAMM which has also received a rave review in GENII magazine.

If you are new to Andy’s work – there is a lot to catch up on. But it is not too late to start now. In the years to come – you will be glad you managed to find a seat on the Andy train whilst it was still in motion.

Maybe start with my post above or Jamy Ian Swiss’s review over here:

Or you may want to check out the review of Andy’s book that I wrote over here:

And here, again, is a link to the site itself:

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