Coincidence tricks

I have a thing for tricks where the cards are thoroughly shuffled yet somehow the laws of chance are bent and strange coincidences occur; cards repeatedly match, order is produced etc. 

My favourite is a Wayne Dobson trick the name and source of which has currently fled my memory. David Britland on his Cardopolis blog posts a lovely version which is worth checking out as is “Four Way Prediction” by John Murray found in Jerry Mentzers “Card Cavalcade 3”. 

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  1. Alex says:

    Hi kevin,
    The version on Dave Britlands’ blog is brilliant, thanks for the link.
    The Dobson effect, if it’s the one I think you mean, is one of my favourite effects and is in WD40, “Think as I Think”.
    Another of my favourites is Pat Pages’ “Continuous Do as i do” and well worth checking out if you can.
    Best wishes

    1. Kevin Courtney says:

      Hi Alex,

      Yep I think that’s the Wayne Dobson trick I had in mind – amazing trick. Will check out the Pat Page trick but where is it published?




      1. Alex says:

        Hi Kevin,

        Pat’s ‘Do as I Do’ is on his lecture DVD, ‘The Page Boy Speaks’ available still from and in his book, ‘Magic Page by Page’.
        There’s also a Nick Trost version using ESP cards apparently, but I have never seen it.

        All the Best

      2. Kevin says:

        Thanks for the reference Alex 🙂

      3. Brandon says:

        Nick Trost’s ‘ESP Do As I Do’ is published in Subtle Card Creations Volume 1. It’s also available in Aldo Colombini’s ESP Card Magic Volume 2.

  2. “Think As I Think” uses marked cards, rather than regular cards and keys.

    Steve Beam has a solid version using marked cards. It’s similar to the Dobson “Think As I Think” routine. In fact similar enough to be almost the same. Except for the fact that Steve complicates things a bit by incorporating key cards. There’s no need for them. See “Marked Phenomena,” Semi-Automatic Card Tricks Volume [1].

    Pedant’s Paragraph. Actually it isn’t volume [1], because Steve never intended SACT to become a series. It’s become volume [1] by default.

    Predating Dobson’s “Think As I Think,” by some way is “Read Me Seemore” by Abel Marker. Abacus Magzine Volume [8] Issue [5] January 2000.
    No key cards and near enough the same as makes no difference.

    Wayne has published his routine for the Pat Page “Do As I Do”. I thought it was in “WD40” but it’s not. Possibly in one of the three earlier books edited by Steve Tucker. I haven’t seen Wayne’s Very Big Book, but it’s probably in there. He performed it on a Dobson Special TV show back when. The programme was about an hour long and entirely devoted to close-up magic. It was almost all Wayne; Tommy Wonder was a special guest. Jerry Sadowitz raved about the show in “The Crimp.” It really was good.

    1. Kevin says:

      Yeah I’ve heard great thinks about Wayne Dobsons close up magic show. Would be great to have it re-released.

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