The Jinx

Started reading “The Jinx” and am really enjoying every issue. Annemann had a great sense of humour, solid publishing ethics for a magazine and to top it all off he just so happens to be a creative genius. I think magic would benefit from a publication like the Jinx coming round again; something without news that concentrated on good tricks for real performers.

Loved this quote –

Mind you, I’m not kicking as I don’t give a hoot for all the curbstone magi in the world – and there are some good ones. But forcing magic on people who otherwise wouldn’t be bothered with buying i t is what helps hurt the bus iness. Let them become interested themselves and you’ll have a true subject who won’t kid or fool with the trick as a novelty and show i t to every- one he meets. And to paraphrase a remark that Fred Keating once made; “If Magic is dead, it is because it has been murdered.”


6 Responses to The Jinx

  1. Matthew Field says:

    Alexander De Cova attempted a Jinx-like publication recently, but it failed to take off. I hope you’ve read the Phoenix and te New Phoenix. Karl Fulves published The Pallbearers Review, Epilogue and the Chrsnicles and is still going strong with his publications. Jon Rachewrbaumer had the Heirophant, Richard Kaufman had Rchard’s Almanac, Harry Lorayne had Apocalypse, and the list goes on and on.

    Matt Field

  2. Mike Stanley says:

    Hey Kevin, I’ve already read the Jinx and it is is superb. One thing that I recently have recently been looking into is the art of mentalism. Do you have any mentalism books that you recommend I buy? I’ve seen these books but I’m not sure if they are any good?
    Thanks again Kevin,


  3. Mathew Street says:

    Hi Kevin

    Didn’t realise you were back from your travels.
    Regarding Jinx and the rest of it.

    Matthew Field’s list is a good one, though they are not strictly speaking exclusively for performers. The material is fine, but a lot of it is experimental, much like the Jinx in fact. This is something I like, and prefer, because it leaves room for personal input.

    Steve Beam’s “Trapdoor” is full of good stuff. Now out and about in a three volume set.
    And don’t forget Peter Warlock’s “Pentagram” and “New Pentagram”. Hard, if not impossible to get the print versions, but the CD efforts are worth considering. Likewise Harry Stanley’s “Gen”. And even “Magigram,” which had loads of practical stuff among well, other things.

    Dave Britland had “Talon,” very short lived, but good stuff. Stephen Tucker published few and was editor of “Pabular” for a while. That’s another winner. Check for details of Steve’s CD output.

    As Mister Field says, it goes on and on. Thankfully!

    Mathew Street

    • Matthew Field says:

      Kevin — “13 Steps to Mentalism” ia a must. Then I’d recommend Larry Becker’s “Stunnners Plus” and Barrie Richardson’s “Theater of the Mind” and “Act Two.” But what do I know?

  4. Mathew Street says:

    One I forgot to include was Lee Earle’s SYZGY.
    I like this, although, to echo Mister Field’s comment, “But what do I know?”

  5. cardmagic10 says:

    Hey Kevin,

    The Magic Circle Jerk is back! Better than ever.

    Joe Mckay

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