Magic and travelling

I’m back after a break from the magic world. I’ve been travelling the past six months and so have no idea what’s been going on in magic – I even missed the Blackpool convention for the first time in 7 years!

It’s been good though, having a break, not obsessing over learning new routines and moves (I still miss my books though) and I’ve been able to concentrate on refining the tricks I already know; to think them through properly and try an eliminate any unnatural actions so everything is justified and therefore more magical. It’s been great fun.

I’ve had real fun performing over the past few months – to fellow travelers and local people alike and in fact have performed more whilst traveling than I ever have before. Over the last 18 months my focus has shifted from concentrating on magic technique to magic performance and I’ve decided that I will devote the next 12 months to improving further. That being said the blog may shift away from the purely technical so expect to find more performance and theory related posts – stay tuned!


4 Responses to Magic and travelling

  1. Great for you, These sort of exeriences stay with you the rest of your life. Also you presentation will be less of a lie if you say that you learned this great trick from a magic friend from China. I’m expecting great things from you!

  2. Dave Moore says:

    Just found your blog while on a late night internet wander. I’d love to travel and perform like this. It sounds great to meet lots of interesting people and to perfect routines. That magic shop looks like it’s crammed with goodies too. I’m very envious. I know exactly what you mean about moving from technique to performance. I’m not particularly technical but I am seeing the importance of performance more and more. Thanks for sharing your post. 😉

  3. Sounds great! The more I continue along my magical path, the more similarities I find with music. In terms of travelling and performing, it shares a unique feature in that it can exist without borders and forms its own language. Unless you are a word heavy mind-reader, magic can be expressed and received between 2 people who have never met before from completely different cultures. There’s a lot of powerful potential – best of luck!

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