Playing card speed records


Randomly stumbled across a video of a guy doing and in the hands riffle shuffle with a cascade finish in 1.37 seconds-

“Fastest Time To Perform A Two-Handed Playing Card Shuffle With An “Umbrella” Flourish”

This led on to looking at other records and I quickly realised I’d stumbled across a weird little world of costumed playing card speed record enthusiasts-

“Fastest Time to Perform 10 Hindu Shuffles”

“Most Consecutive Charlier Cuts While Spinning A Playing Card On A Playing Card Using A Fan”

Even some magic! –

“Fastest Time to Perform Erdnase Colour Change”

If any convention organisers are reading this – get the gold guy booked before everyone else does.


7 Responses to Playing card speed records

  1. terran says:

    your link to the fastest erdnase is the same as to the fastest hindu
    please fix it^^

  2. Adam says:

    Funny! very niche! And why the disguise ?! Also,not to showboat but! I can perform the Hindu Shuffle way quicker than him (even without an ill fitting lycra suit) Next time your in the shop Kev il show ya!

    • Kevin says:

      You could become his arch-nemesis – bring a costume and we can film it next time I’m in the shop!

  3. Melvini the Great says:

    Is that photo the world record for the largest Chop-Cup load?

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