Favourite card stab

Eric Masons card stab from his book “Stuff” is awesome. Definitely worth a re-read if you have the book.

There’s also a trick with match boxes in there which would be the best opener for a parlour show ever.

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  1. Charles Nigh says:

    Have not seen the book. I use Del Ray method. It kills.

  2. Mr Swausage says:

    Ooh, I’m excited about both of these things – tell me more….not sure I can wait until Edinburgh to find out.

  3. Dan Smith says:

    I love “Stuff” and Eric’s matchboxes trick. I’d considered making up that trick but lack the required arts and crafts skills. I liked the trick enough to ask Gordon Bruce about it when we met. He said Eric would perform it in the bar (surprise, surprise) just after he backed into the bar carrying the load. What an attention grabber.

    There are several lovely things “Stuff,” and some sleights I’d have loved to see in the originator’s hands.

    1. Kevin says:

      Yeah it would have been awesome to have seen him do the work himself.

      Just need to find someone with the skills needed to make it up….

  4. Dan says:

    anyone got the 1st edition. I am curious to what was removed from the foreward (i think ) in the later editions

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