Aaron Fisher wisdom


Why would you want to learn card magic off someone who got caught doing a double lift for years, and years, and years?

I don’t care if you think I’m being cruel by thinking these videos are funny but come on, who in their right mind wouldn’t find his facial expression at 2:30 bloody hilarious?!


5 Responses to Aaron Fisher wisdom

  1. Weird! Personally I think the best method to get a break under the top two cards is to have the cards on your side of the body, as the attention should not be on the cards anyway. And then do a two card push off, getting the break that way.

    PS: Who has a hard time pushing off a single card and then drawing it back on the deck with the thumb getting a break? I teach card magic to 11-year old kids and they have no trouble doing this. Who are the students of Mr. Fisher? Toddlers?

  2. Mr Swasauge says:

    He does have one of the most punchable faces in history, which is unfortunately compounded by being a total fucking tit. The sheer amount of smug cuntery in The Paper Engine is made even worse by two hideous photos of this twat. If you want to watch something worthwhile on breaks & double lifts, Tyler Wilson at cherryvillain.com is the place to go.

    Personally, I pinky count to get a break.

  3. SmilingMule says:

    Not only is this one just as ridiculous in delivery as the others, the advice is plain stupid.

    Anyone who has developed the touch to in-jog the top card with one hand, establish a break without hesitation whilst transferring the deck to the other hand, and then maintain the break whilst transferring to the other hand again, will certainly have no problems with simply pushing the top card over and drawing it back to establish a break.

    What utter nonsense this is.

  4. Henry Hanrahan says:

    There really is no need to make personal remarks about his face etc; I strongly suspect people who say things like that are no oil paintings themselves. I think it would be far better to talk about the magic which is supposed to be the subject at hand.

    Having said that I have some sympathy with the points of view expressed. I am puzzled by Aaron’s statement that it takes months to push a card out and get a break with one hand. When I learned to do it, it took me about 2 minutes of practice if even that. Perhaps I am missing something somewhere.

    I have been using that very same technique for getting a break for decades.It is a very good one. I learned it from the Dai Vernon book of magic. I had no idea that it actually belonged to Robert Houdin. I thought that it was Vernon’s. I expect Dai got it from a description by Houdin somewhere and told Larry Jennings this and Jennings told Aaron Fisher. If it is indeed Houdin’s and Aaron has not been misinformed.

    I suspect this is the case since the Double Lift was not invented until Robert-Houdin had been dead and gone for a very long time. People don’t realise that the double lift is a comparitively recent sleight invented in the early part of the twentieth century well after Erdnase.

    I also used to get caught all the time doing the double lift. I learned the pass in ten minutes flat but it took me years to learn the bloody double lift and not get caught. It is actually a far more difficult move than people think or at least it was for me. It was not until I started to use the Dai Vernon method of double lifting described in the aforementioned book that mastered the damn thing. And now I haven’t been caught for decades.

    I don’t like Aaron’s substitute technique for the Vernon/Houdin method of getting a break. It seems even slightly more difficult than the original and slightly more prone to being detected.

    Still, I wish he were here to defend himself but things should be discussed in a civil manner.

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