Sadowitz roots for “Open Triumph”

So it turns out that the casual display used by Dani DaOrtiz in his Open Triumph trick can be found in Jerry Sadowitz’s’ Crimp Magazine under the title of “Psychological Triumph” in issue 47! I personally prefer Dani DaOrtizs’ handling which is much easier and more causal, but credit must go to Mr Sadowitz for the display.

It’s a great idea and so so convincing..

7 thoughts on “Sadowitz roots for “Open Triumph””

  1. Well, as it is good that Jerry is keeping his The Crimp away from the eyes of public, it has its negative side effects…wrong credits or stolen material because many of us do not know what is in The Crimp! I think that Jerry should publish one large complete volume of his complete The Crimp….

  2. I don’t think it’ll ever be printed as a bound volume. If I were in Jerry’s situation I’d be equally annoyed about my material being ripped off. Even when the Crimp was readily available his material was stolen. I suppose to paraphrase Peter Kane – “If you’re going to steal stuff, you might as well steal good stuff”.

  3. Guy Hollingworth has a nice open Triumph type display that I never see people use. Not sure how good it looks – but it is a creative idea.

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