4 thoughts on “Jerry Sadowitz – Masterclass”

    1. In terms of a demonstrated working knowledge of the *real* secrets and principles behind magic, not to mention a reverent respect for the history and integrity of the art, there are no more than a handful still alive who even come close.

      At £80 per night for lessons from one of the very best in a given field, I’d say it’s more than reasonable.

      And you can be sure he’ll produce students several cuts above the current crop reared on Ammar DVDs, Elusionist, theory 11 and silly little Aaron Fisher skits.

  1. Interesting. But this is not an entirely new venture for Mister Sadowitz.
    Being techno-illiterate, I don’t know how to post links, but a search for:
    “Time Out Jerry Sadowitz’s Beginners’ Course in Card Magic”
    leads fairly quickly to a 2009 Time Out article/interview publicising much the same thing. The price of the masterclass has gone up a bit. It was £395-00 then.
    Here the interviewer describes (no explanations) a few tricks.

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