Hilarious Aaron Fisher video

First saw this at –



He’s so patronising it makes you cringe yet he’s also unintentionally very very funny!


4 Responses to Hilarious Aaron Fisher video

  1. Leo Hevia says:

    This short video from Aaron appears patronizing to veterans of card magic, but bear in mind, it looks like it was designed for beginning students. From that standpoint, it is well made. Aaron articulated every point he made quite well. Did anyone walk away from this video failing to understand the idea of changing the moment? Did anyone walk away from this video without learning a nice overhand shuffle strategy to prepare for a spelling effect before the card is even selected?

    • It is also patronizing for “beginning students.” It is one of the worst things about almost all magicians these days. They go into a ridiculous little “mr magic” mode as soon as their cards (or coins or whatever) come out and they start talking to people as if they are 5 years old, or mentally retarded.

      If this is intended for beginners, I can not think of a better way to turn people away from magic through perpetuating the (mostly correct) perception of all magicians being absolute prats.

  2. Smokeshift says:

    Hear Hear Sir Smiling Mule.
    Which is (partly) why I said “Blimey”.

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