Peter Kane – Audio Card Sessions


Available as a download on these recordings capture some of the incredible magic of Peter Kane, one of magics most innovative and yet under-rated of inventors.

Creator of classics such as “The Elongated Lady”, “Watch the Ace” (which was later ‘borrowed’ and published in America by Frank Garcia as “Wild Card”) and “The Shrinking Card Case”, Peter Kane had many many great ideas which he turned into wonderful routines. His Card Session¬†booklets are a must have for any cardman.

As well as explanations of his tricks (including my favourite sandwich routine of all time) you’ll listen to great tips on performance and misdirection interspersed with many amusing stories.





Ascanio Coin Matrix

Awesome –

Hilarious Aaron Fisher video

First saw this at –


He’s so patronising it makes you cringe yet he’s also unintentionally very very funny!

Big Plunger

A larger scale version of a trick based on ideas by Jon Armstrong, Matthew Bich and Marv Long.


The miniature version of the plunger is a very comical prop with lots of scope for personalised routines –