Fooling Houdini – Alex Stone

After reading Ricky Jays far from positive review of this new book by Alex Stone I thought I’d do a quick YouTube search on the author. Enjoy the 3 minutes and 58 seconds of drivel interspersed with some poor magic clips-

My favourtite quote is:

Innattentional blindness is a form of blindness experienced when we’re not paying attention.

 **EDIT**  – Thanks to those who pointed out my typo – I originally wrote “Tom Stone” instead of “Alex Stone” – my bad.


4 Responses to Fooling Houdini – Alex Stone

  1. KiKeNiCo says:

    Dude! Not TOM Stone! No relation between this dbag and Tom!

  2. Matthew Field says:

    What an embarrassing mistake. The book’s author is Alex Stone, not the great Tom Stone. Shame on you.

    Matt Field

  3. That’s a classic typo Kevin! Brain says one thing, fingers automatically type another. 😉

  4. Kevin says:

    Thanks guys! Can’t believe I did that 🙂

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