Trick of the month – April 2012

I was recently flicking through Dai Vernon’s “Further Lost Inner Secrets” and found something I overlooked first time round. In the book theres a trick called “Cut and Spell” which is described as –

A deck is thoroughly shuffled by anyone and then placed face-down before the performer. He gives the deck one simple cut, names a card and then proceeds to spell it, dealing one card dor each letter of the name. Without error, the card spelled appears at the end of the deal.

Now it’s not this trick which I liked but the note at the end (page 62) which mentions another way the Professor used to do the trick – after the shuffle the spectator cuts the pack into four piles – the performer picks up a pile, names a card and spells it – the last card of the deal is the card named. Great trick and a very clever method (which relies on a bit of thinking on the part of the performer) makes this, for me anyway, a winner.


4 Responses to Trick of the month – April 2012

  1. Adam says:

    Yes Kev showed me this at one of the Magick Lounge sessions and I can attest to its effectivness….Im coming round to your way of thinking Kev,theres gold in the old books,been looking through the Complete Works of Derek Dingle recently,another great book!

  2. Justin says:

    You know, I was never a fan of that alternative handling with the four packets.

    Though the original, when finessed, is excellent.

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