The classic force

How not to do it – Very tense mechanical handling and you can really notice the speed up when the spectator goes to take the card. How I think it should be done – Natural causal spreading – much more deceptive.  

The Semi-Circular Switch

A really cool little move found by John Racherbaumer published in Richard Kaufman’s “Card Magic”. Have a look if you have the book – you might have overlooked it.

Derek DelGaudio

The best card magic videos I’ve seen online since discovering Dani DaOrtiz – amazing stuff, make sure you watch all 5. What I love about it is his causal relaxed handling – there’s a complete lack of tension when doing the work that makes it incredibly deceptive.

The YouTube generation is here

As most of you all know I visit a magic shop in Sheffield every few weeks and over the past year or so I’ve noticed that although the shop is getting busier and busier (which is great and shows that the current magic trend is helping magic dealers) there are more and more young magicians…

Dani DaOrtiz workshop

Further to my previous post and after giving it some thought (it was a no brainer really!) I’ve booked it. Very excited.

Saturday Sessions – The Magick Lounge

A new video feature which Russell Hall, owner of The Lounge has started filming recently. Videos of tricks performed by people who are in the lounge on that particular Saturday session- I think this is a great idea as you get to see behind the scenes so to speak of the UKs best brick and…

Dani DaOrtiz one day workshop!

Amazing news last week of a one day workshop with Dani DaOrtiz in London! I was very excited about it but unfortunately cannot attend – click here for all the info. If anyone does go and wouldn’t mind letting me know how it was that’d be great. Thanks.