Steve Brownley's Ultimatum Deck


I’ve mentioned Steve before in other posts and this Blackpool convention saw the unveiling of his “Ultimatum Deck”. Steve has improved an old method to create something which allows you to do some very clean card at any number routines. Steve has created 2 great routines – in the first routine “Three Choice Cuts” three spectators fairly select cards which are returned to the pack which is tabled. A spectator cuts the pack into three piles – the spectator turns over the top card of each pile to reveal each selected card.

In the second routine “Luck and Intuition” one selection is found at any number named for by the spectator who chose the card – they count the cards themselves. The second selection is found when the spectator tosses the first selection face up as the pack is dribbled on the table – the spectator checks and finds they have thrown their card next to the other spectators selection!

As well as allowing you to find a card at any number named by the spectator you can also do this with two selections and two different numbers – the spectator counts each time!

Available from The Magick Lounge.

Here is a recent video of the end of Steve performing a card at any number –


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  1. Ruairidh says:

    It looks very clean and very clever.

    Such a shame that the presentation was phenomenally dull and boring. It lacked any kind of theatrical climax within the presentation.

    1. Kevin says:

      I should have explained better, my apologies – this video was filmed at a magic shop with card magicians sessioning. Full pelt presentation with a climactic build up would have been very out of place.

      1. Ruairidh says:


  2. Peter Duffie says:

    Steve showed me “Three Choice Cuts” at Blackpool and it fooled me. It is an excellent effect, with a well-thought out, uncomplicated method.


    1. Kevin says:

      Hi Peter, thanks for commenting – it’s a great routine.

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