Adam Bell – Kingdom Come

Another video from the Magick Lounge – keep em coming! This time it’s master of the pass Adam Bell.

Steve Brownley's Ultimatum Deck

I’ve mentioned Steve before in other posts and this Blackpool convention saw the unveiling of his “Ultimatum Deck”. Steve has improved an old method to create something which allows you to do some very clean card at any number routines. Steve has created 2 great routines – in the first routine “Three Choice Cuts” three…

Coin magic!?

My friend Chris Clarke performing an impossible coin through table at the Magick Lounge in Sheffield!

Trick of the Month – March 2012

This month goes to Woody Aragon’s “Weighing the Cards” from his “A Book in English”. It’s the best weighing the cards trick you’ll find around – the routine is perfectly constructed with phases which slowly build tension and become seemingly more impossible. He’s managed to create a magical feel to a trick which most perform as a…