Trick of the month- February 2012

Issue 4 of Steven Hamiltons Profile Magazine contains a superb Paul Wilson trick – “Randall Flagg”. Basically it’s a card at number routine where the spectator freely stops at 3 cards which are added and the card found at that number. This is done from a shuffled deck. The handling is very causal and excellently constructed. It almost has a Dani DaOrtiz feel about it – that impromptu jazz style in which you have to think a bit yet give the spectator a lot of freedom of choice – this leads to a total fooler. Anyone who has the magazines is urged to re-read this issue which also contains a great trick by Jerry Sadowitz.


4 Responses to Trick of the month- February 2012

  1. Smiling Mule says:

    Seriously? Is there anything more dull for a layman than adding up card values and then counting down… snore. Me thinks you need to take your magician goggles off for this one…

    Good mags though.

    • Kevin says:

      It depends how it’s presented I think. When I read it it reminded me of some of Dani DaOrtiz’s effects which involve numbers and counting, albeit not with 3 numbers but done at a fast pace I think this would work. As with most things – you’ll only know if it works if you try it. Try it I will and it may be that you’re right, but maybe not. Yeah, they’re great – Opus was incredible also.

  2. Smiling Mule says:

    Then let’s just do the 21 card trick…

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