Magic Quotes #6

When I see someone spend $500 at a convention, or even $1000 for the trick with the little ball that gets into the glass, or the cup that gets into…whatever, it makes me sick. But when it’s books, thats the best possible investment. Arturo de Ascanio

Blackpool 2012 – brief overview

Well it’s been a week since Blackpool and I can safely say that I am now fully recovered! It was a great convention with good friends and a fun time was had by all. Highlights for me included Christian Engblom giving us a brief anti-faro demonstration in the Ruskin hotel (with my deck – which…

Blackpool 2012 looms…

Another year, another Blackpool convention! I’m getting incredibly excited and am looking forward to a great few days with friends. The lineup seems the same as always with an additional gala show on the Friday. There’s no one on the lineup who I’m particularly excitied about seeing but the social side of the convention wins…

The Card Magic of Le Paul

I was thinking about doing a post on this great book but was beaten to it. Check out the Card Stabs nice review.

Magic Quotes #5

It is simply not true that you’re a better magician because you’re better informed. You may be luckier, or you may have more books, more money or more time. Maybe you’re a bit more knowledgeable, but you’re not a better magician. Arturo de Ascanio

Trick of the month- February 2012

Issue 4 of Steven Hamiltons Profile Magazine contains a superb Paul Wilson trick – “Randall Flagg”. Basically it’s a card at number routine where the spectator freely stops at 3 cards which are added and the card found at that number. This is done from a shuffled deck. The handling is very causal and excellently…

Shock Treatment – Jackie McClements

I first saw Jackie McClements on an International Magic DVD and thought he was excellent. I’d read about him in the Crimp and a lot of people have heard of his false cut. His Flash Pass is an incredibly deceptive alternative to the classic two handed pass and I’ve been using it quite a bit since….