Trick of the month – January 2012


It’s back! Trick of the month was a feature I used to do when this blog was first started – I listed a favourite Roy Walton trick every month and gave a brief overview of the effect, why I liked it and where to find it. I’ve decided to start it again only this time it won’t just be Roy Walton tricks.

One Trap Mind – J.K Hartman

This is loosely based on Roy Walton’s “Shakedown” from Vol 1 and can be found in After Craft page 116.

Effect – a spectators selects a card which is placed face down on the table – four more cards are randomly taken by the performer and placed on top. The spectator is asked to mix their card in with the other four so no one knows where the card is. The five card packet is sandwiched between two face up jokers and the entire packet is placed cleanly in the centre of the rest of the pack. Following the customary magical gesture the pack is spread to reveal only one card between the jokers, you guessed it…the selected card.

The great thing about this trick is the complete naturalness of the handling. All moves are executed during natural actions like spreading the pack to remove cards or to demonstrate what the spectator has to do. The method is typical Hartman – all the moves flow together really well which makes it really nice to perform.

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