Splice – Shin Lim

Haven’t been checking magic forums and the like for a few days but when I did – WOW! What disgraceful behaviour from Shin Lim, Vanishing Inc and the Magic Cafe – Read all here –




3 Responses to Splice – Shin Lim

  1. Adam Bell says:

    Hmmm good spot Kev,thanks for sharing.Of course,no one who`s been on the Cafe for a while will be remotely surprised at the “selective censorship”

  2. BJ52 says:

    Shame on Shin Lim 😦

  3. hoskeebo says:

    Wow, I bought the download based on the trailer. My first download ever, even though I started with magic in the 60’s! Put a few hours in it, still love it, but will now be gunshy the next time I buy from a video trailer. Thanks for these posts.

    OK, I love the move, but not the way Lim hawked it. Bad mojo.

    I also won’t be beating myself up that I can’t make the move look like the vid after just three hours of practice!

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