We've been Penned!

It’s been a little while since I posted anything on here and after posting the review of card compulsions below I noticed that on 10/09/2011 the traffic on this blog shot up by a large amount – 751 views that day and 406 the next. The search terms used to find the blog all seemed to relate to the lift shuffle – Joe’s post is the only mention on the blog.

I found this very strange indeed and wasn’t until I found this an article by Penn Jillette in the Wall Street Journal that I realised where all the traffic came from –

Every magician has his or her favorite way to “control the card to the top,” but I usually use a “lift shuffle” (you could look it up on the Web, but you won’t).

Well it looks like they did…

Also of note when looking through the search terms was that one person (I’ve love to know what they were thinking) found this blog by searching google for “david blaine a demon?”.


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