We've been Penned!

It’s been a little while since I posted anything on here and after posting the review of card compulsions below I noticed that on 10/09/2011 the traffic on this blog shot up by a large amount – 751 views that day and 406 the next. The search terms used to find the blog all seemed…

Duffie's Card Compulsions

Recently dug out my copy of this brilliant tome by the one and only Peter Duffie – one of magic greatest thinkers with a pack of cards. I always love it when you re-discover something you already own and get the same buzz that you did the first time around – who needs to buy…


Can’t wait for this!

Move Monkey Mode

I’m in one of those “must learn a tricky move for no real reason” moods. Have decided on Derek Dingles “Technical┬áRefinement┬áto LJ’s Angle Palm Steal” from the Complete Works. Does anyone out there use this, or do you have your own tricky move you’re practising yet will never really use?