El Cochecito

I mentioned this trick in the previous post and I really do think it’s excellent. If anyone is interested in getting hold of one then Russell Hall who owns the Magick Lounge does have them in stock in clear perspex –

While searching for the Tamariz clip in the preiovus post I did accidently stumble upon a clip of Dani DaOrtiz performing the trick using a Lego car! –


3 Responses to El Cochecito

  1. George Woo says:

    A german magician/craftsman Hakon Varol, makes a wooden mouse on wheels
    that works like the Koornwinder car and the cochecito. you get two mice one gaff and one non gaff and a wooden peice of cheese, got mine from late Hank Moorehouse.

  2. Kevin says:

    Hi George, that sounds great. I really do like this trick. Kevin

  3. George Woo says:

    Hi Kevin, I am one of two close up workers for the Comedy & Mystery Society, In the Washington Metropolitan Area, I work with Bob Sheets and Mark Phillips. I always have an
    intermission set of close up magic heavily bent on comedy and try to close with either my variation of Don Alan’s Ranchbird or a variation Of Hen Fetch’s Hoppy routine, after reading your post will probably add Paul the Mouse or your crystal cochecito.

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