Perfect centers and the little toy car

Had a great time at the Magick Lounge in Sheffield this weekend and had some brilliant card sessions with the regulars there. After hours we headed to easily the best pub in Sheffield for some post lounge card discussion. Joining us was underground Marlo fan Steve Brownley who was doing some incredible stuff for the laymen in the pub. Steve consistently fools me badly and I’m amazed he’s not that well-known in the magic world. He can do the stuff you read about and don’t think possible – perfectly hitting “think a card” consistently – card placed face down on the table, spectator is asked to say what they think the card is – it’s turned over….and it is the card they named. He can repeat this with the same spectator. That clean. He also performed the best center deal I’ve ever seen – four cards face up in the centre – cleanly shown, cards dribbled into the hand immediately dealt and the 4th card in the deal came from the centre face up. He then cleanly showed the 3 face up in the centre and repeated until the four cards were in his hand – flawless.

I also managed to pick up an “El Cochecito” from the Magick Lounge only this one is made from clear perspex.

It’s a great effect, offbeat and very entertaining. Needless to say Steve managed to flaw the pub using the very car I’d just bought – he even fooled the magicians with the location of the card. Brilliant. If you ever get a chance to be in Sheffield on a Saturday don’t miss a trip to the Lounge where you’ll be greeted by a dozen or so friendly magicians and a shop which stocks some hidden gems.

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  1. Adam Bell says:

    Good call and Kev is entirely correct,its a great session.Of course,his modesty prevents him saying he has great chops to,he showed me a Peter Duffie card switch that had me foaming at the mouth.The lounge is great.

    1. Kevin says:

      Thanks Adam – it’s a great switch, and fun to do It’s funny how magicians tend to lean towards a particular style of card magic and tend to learn only that style. Some like the Sankey/Harris style of magic, whereas I tend to lean towards a Walton/Sadowitz style. Sometimes you read a trick and it just doesn’t fit what you like to perform, with someone else it would. We talksed about it a bit on Saturday – about how important it is to have a sense of satisfaction for yourself when you perform. It’s selfish but I think you can still be entertaining and also have something for yourself also.

  2. Adam Bell says:

    Absolutely-you need something for yourself for sure.I couldnt perform a trick I didnt like,even if it was well recieved.And,id argue,there`s nowt up with that mindset.

    I lean toward that Sadowitz/Walton style to,(I think!) Like yourself,Im not a fan of mindless,rabid flourishing.Just a flourish here and there is enough for me.I can admire the skill,but its not my cup of tea.

  3. cardmagic10 says:

    Any UK magicians reading this – have to check out The Magic Lounge in Sheffield (it is only 5 minutes walk from the train station). There is no other magic shop like it. It has a great selection of Martin Breese products (stuff which you will rearely find in any other magic shop in the world), a brilliant second-hand magic section and a smattering of brand new products from other companies as well. You will also find an extensive selection of Al Smith’s magic magazines from over the years which you never find anywhere else…

    Also – the place holds great card sessions each Saturday (from what I hear – I have yet to make one).

    Anyway – my most treasured magic memories are the hours I spent as a teenager going through all the old magic books and magazines that are buried away in there. I can’t imagine a better way to learn about magic. There is no better feeling that stumbling across some rare piece of arcana which you will treasure for the rest of your life. I will never forget stumbling across a copy of MOE AND HIS MIRACLES in that shop. It really is an education to spend time in the shop – so the younger you are the better…

    Anyway – this shop is exactly the sort of ‘old-time magic shop’ which has rarely existed in this country, and which is apparently going extinct across the world thanks to the internet. Well – that may be so – but not in Sheffield. Over there you can still savour an aspect to the world of magic which is as rare as it it is wonderful.

    I sometimes get the train up there (from Durham) just to spend a few hours in the shop.

    The trip is always worth it.


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