El Cochecito

I mentioned this trick in the previous post and I really do think it’s excellent. If anyone is interested in getting hold of one then Russell Hall who owns the Magick Lounge does have them in stock in clear perspex –

While searching for the Tamariz clip in the preiovus post I did accidently stumble upon a clip of Dani DaOrtiz performing the trick using a Lego car! –

Perfect centers and the little toy car

Had a great time at the Magick Lounge in Sheffield this weekend and had some brilliant card sessions with the regulars there. After hours we headed to easily the best pub in Sheffield for some post lounge card discussion. Joining us was underground Marlo fan Steve Brownley who was doing some incredible stuff for the laymen in the pub. Steve consistently fools me badly and I’m amazed he’s not that well-known in the magic world. He can do the stuff you read about and don’t think possible – perfectly hitting “think a card” consistently – card placed face down on the table, spectator is asked to say what they think the card is – it’s turned over….and it is the card they named. He can repeat this with the same spectator. That clean. He also performed the best center deal I’ve ever seen – four cards face up in the centre – cleanly shown, cards dribbled into the hand immediately dealt and the 4th card in the deal came from the centre face up. He then cleanly showed the 3 face up in the centre and repeated until the four cards were in his hand – flawless.

I also managed to pick up an “El Cochecito” from the Magick Lounge only this one is made from clear perspex.

It’s a great effect, offbeat and very entertaining. Needless to say Steve managed to flaw the pub using the very car I’d just bought – he even fooled the magicians with the location of the card. Brilliant. If you ever get a chance to be in Sheffield on a Saturday don’t miss a trip to the Lounge where you’ll be greeted by a dozen or so friendly magicians and a shop which stocks some hidden gems.

Cannibal Cards Help

Am on the hunt for a good cannibal cards routine – its a plot I’ve never really explored and could do with some help to point me in some good directions – just working through Darwin Ortiz’s routine from Scams and Fantasies which seems quite nice – any ideas?

Don’t practice sleights, practice tricks.

This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot recently. I used to try and learn as many sleights and moves as possible, purely for the satisfaction in practising something which is difficult to do. Recently I’ve been reminded of some great advice – practice tricks, not sleights. Peter Kane in his audio session tapes (available from Martin Breese) talks about this very thing – sleights are secondary and not really needed he says. You shouldn’t think about sleights, you should think about the effect. If you want to practice a new sleight or move then practice it in the context of a trick. If you keep thinking about a sleight and how great the move is then when you’re performing the effect you’ll be thinking about the sleight when you shouldn’t. If you keep thinking about about sleights then you’ll loose the timing of the trick, you’re misdirection and the audience may pick up on something they shouldn’t.

Sleights are secondary all the time.

Peter Kane