"Traveling Card" – Ed Marlo

Was recently flicking through The Cardician and stumbled upon a brilliant Marlo trick called “Traveling Card”. For those of you that do Marlos method for the 21 card trick (made once again popular by Bill Malone’s Marlo DVD set) this would make a perfect closing effect. The magician shuffles a packet of 21 cards and asks the spectator to select on which is returned and the packet given another mix. The 21 card packet is counted faceup into three packets of seven cards and the speccy is asked to remember which of the three piles their card is in – the pile on the far left. This packet is counted to show seven cards and waved mysteriously over the centre packet. When counted again it is seen to contain only 6 cards – the centre pile is counted and now has eight! Once again the packet is waved over the pile on the far right and when counted again now only has 7 cards. The last packet is now counted to show eight cards. The spectator names their card and this is show on top of the last pile – the card has travelled across one packet at a time.

Brilliant effect, simple and direct method – the best part is Marlo’s false count which is incredibly deceptive – look it up. The Cardician page 93.


3 Responses to "Traveling Card" – Ed Marlo

  1. Ben Long says:

    Amazing effect. I do it every chance I get.

  2. Eric Fry says:

    I think the false count is a little more deceptive if your right hand pushes the falsely counted card back into your left hand in a fluid motion. That’s in preference to pulling the falsely counted card to the left with your left thumb.

    In other words, you do push off the card with your left thumb, as in Marlo. And the right hand comes over to it to grab it, as in Marlo. But, as I do it, the right hand pushes the card back to the left, and then right hand immediately moves away to the right.

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