The end of EMC and the mystery of session 7

The final day of EMC was one of surprises both good and bad. The first session of the day, session 7 was due to start at 15:00 – there I was all geared up to watch David Berglas’s talk on “Miracles With Cards”- the countdown to the session start began and I started to get excited – 3…2….1 – CRASH! No live feed! Technical problems at EMC headquarters prevented the live feed from reaching the majority if not everyone watching – garbled sound, skipping images and the non intentional but still annoying comments from Eric Mead about how he was watching Berglas performing amazing improvised Jazz magic with thought of cards made it incredibly frustrating.

I was annoyed to say the least but at least the footage would be available later on demand, or so I thought. As yet the session has not been uploaded and I’m beginning to think it may have been lost for good – not only Berglas’s talk but also Rene Levands! Does anyone have any news on this? On the plus side Berglas did do an extra 20 minute card session at the end of session 8 to make up for the problems.

The other two sessions worked fine and I really enjoyed them – Dani DaOrtiz performed a mind blowing supposedly self working effect, Gaeton Bloom gave a great performance as did Marco Tempest and Paul Daniels. David Copperfields live tour of his magic museum was phenomenal. It wasn’t all great – the Buck twins died giving a very short talk on how to open a deck of cards and how to look after your hands – not what I think their fans were expecting and Rudy Coby’s performance was terrible – there was no magic.

All in all I really enjoyed the event but really do hope that the missing session is found.


6 Responses to The end of EMC and the mystery of session 7

  1. Kevin says:

    And found it has been! Session 7 has now been uploaded.

  2. Kevin says:

    …but strangely the original Berglas performance has been replaced by the bit he did at the end of session 8. I wonder why?

  3. Scott says:

    When Max said that the Berglas presentation was “gone,” I thought he misspoke. I mean, the feed must have been recorded locally as well as off the stream, right? Then when Session 7 didn’t appear I feared, like you, that the whole thing was gone, which would have been a disaster. Now we have something both not ideal and kind of intriguing, as the few people who saw Berglas’s original presentation, either via a stream that worked or because there were in the room, can claim that’s where “the real work” was tipped. The Berglas mystique continues…

  4. Kevin says:

    Yeah it was very strange – reading the chat Eric Mead was saying that Berglas tried 3 effects and failed on one of them – perhaps the failure was why they didn’t show the original? Strange…

  5. Mick says:

    Surely the original Berglas session was recorded on-site in high-def, surely the feed wouldn’t be going direct to the Internet without being archived.

    • Kevin says:

      You’d have thought so,the whole thing is very strange. I guess they maybe thought it best to incude footage where he gets the stuff right rather than fail – unrealistic for the stuff he was doing but hey.

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